A Thousand Cranes of Peace

Sweep the Leg

 Crane Family Leader: Caroline Tang

 Help me grant the wish of peace for all families by helping my crane flock take flight.

My goal is to raise $4,000 a total of 400 cranes.

Click the button below to help me grant the wish of peace for families affected by abuse!

Help Me Grow My Crane Family!

 I’ve raised enough to sponsor 318 Cranes!

Thank you to my sponsors!

Michael Jason Bolicki- $100

Charlotte Diffendale – $100

Sandy Machugin – $30

Jessica Eng – $100

Amanda Keating – $100

Adrian Alonso – $100

Nick Barnett – $100

Steve Griegoliet

Sherrill Packebush

Hallie Blanchard Rehwaldt

Crispin Young- Wilson

Rebecca Zee 

Priya Bhatia Shetty

Steve and Jenna LeClere – $100

April Krukowski  – $100

Rebecca Griebe – $30

Jim Yatsu – $250

Caroline Tang – $2,000

 Goal: $4,000 | Raised so far: $3,180