A Thousand Cranes of Peace


Register your Family of Cranes here!

Start a Flock of Cranes and encourage friends and family to help grow your Flock. Every $10 contributed will sponsor one origami crane. Cranes will be personalized with the sponsor’s name and included in the art installation.


Within 24 hours of registering your Crane Family, a personalized Crane Family page will be added to the website.  Check it often for updates and progress!


Ways to get your friends and loved ones to support your crane family:

1. Send an email or letter and encourage a donation under your Crane family name.

2. Host a crane-folding party at home! We have a Crane Party In A Box with origami paper, instructions and other supplies to get you started.

3. Host a crane-folding session at work as part of your workplace’s community service activity. We love to collaborate with other organizations and businesses in order to get more cranes folded. We are happy to attend and provide crane-folding instruction!

If you need additional assistance, contact us at 512.949.5949, and we’ll help brainstorm some unique ways to grow your crane family!


Crane Family Registration