A Thousand Cranes of Peace


So how does this work?

The cranes come alive with community support! Every crane that is folded and added to the art installation will be personalized with a community supporter’s name. It only takes $10 to have your name or a loved one’s name included. Once a crane is sponsored, it takes flight and travels as part of the art installation.


Different ways to create a symbol of peace!

  1. Start a Family of Cranes and encourage friends and family to sponsor cranes. Every $10 contributed will sponsor one origami crane. Cranes will be personalized with the sponsor’s name and included in the art installation. Be sure to register your crane family.
  2. Become an individual sponsor and watch your cranes take flight! Your cranes will be personalized and included in the art installation.
  3. Give tribute to someone special in your life with your donation and honor their name on a crane.
  4. Host a Crane Party to make cranes and raise funds. Trust us, nothing is more relaxing than practicing the subtle art of origami. If you need assistance, contact us and we’ll provide you with all of the supplies and step-by-step origami instructions.
  5. Become a Business Sponsor. Different sponsorship levels and benefits are available.