A Thousand Cranes of Peace



Asian Family Support Services of Austin (AFSSA) is a nonprofit organization that has worked since 1992 to provide support and advocacy to Asian and other immigrant victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and sex trafficking. We also work to prevent abuse and violence through community outreach and education. We offer language-specific, culturally grounded services in order to break down the language, culture, and institutional barriers that prevent these families from accessing community resources for survivors of violence. Our services are uniquely tailored to the complex needs of immigrant victims and survivors, and we offer long-term support throughout their journey toward a life free from violence. To learn more about our services, click here.



All proceeds from the 1,000 Cranes of Peace project go to our Survivor Advocacy and Empowerment Program which provides survivors of abuse with basic needs assistance, counseling, legal advocacy, self sufficiency training, and more. We served 164 families in 2015 and provided educational services and information to over 4,100 people. Your participation in this unique community project will help to give hope and inspiration to families on their journey towards seeking peace.


Your generosity helps AFSSA accomplish the following:

  • Assist adults and their children in fleeing abuse by providing crisis counseling, safety planning and access to food and shelter
  • Provide resource information, referrals to callers on the 24-hour hotline in over 35 different languages
  • Offer culturally grounded therapeutic counseling  to help survivors heal from trauma and stress
  • Create social change around issues of domestic violence and sexual assault to support survivors and prevent future incidences of violence