A Thousand Cranes of Peace

2017 Art Director

I am an Austin-based artist and educator with a diverse multi-media practice. I received my BFA from San Francisco Art Institute and my MFA from University of Texas at Austin. I am inspired by Asian and Indigenous cultures, and my work explores issues of interconnectedness, ritual, memory, and identity using multiples, traditional imagery, and symbols. She has shown in Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and California and a former fellow and resident of OXBOW school of Art and A.C.R.E. I’ve recently begun working in the realm of public art, with projects funded by Artplace America, the TEMPO program of the City of Austin, and SXSW Eco. I am also an active member of the non-profit MASS gallery and ICOSA art collective.

I am honored to collaborate with AFSSA because of the important work they provide for the Asian community.  I hope that my contribution will continue to raise awareness for this vital agency and highlight the courage and perseverance of the women and families they serve. It is my wish that equality, acceptance, and love will overcome our difficult political climate, and that social justice will outweigh selfishness, greed, and profit.”

– Teruko Nimura, 1000 Cranes of Peace 2017 Art Director